• 18th-Century Translators Dictionary
    This project is devoted to constructing a crowd-sourced biographical dictionary of European translators in the long Eighteenth Century based on input from the research community. Link:
  • DLBT: A Digital Library & Bibliography for Literature in Translation
    The Digital Library and Bibliography of Literature in Translation and Adaptation (DLBT) brings together translations and their reception documents in one digital collection. With a stock of about 2,111 volumes … Read more
  • Heidelberger Übersetzungsbibliographie
    An online catalogue of translations into German from French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, English and Dutch in the period 1450–1850. Link: (website currently available only in German, as at … Read more
    Traduire en français, 18e-19e siècle A database containing bibliographical information about literary translations into French in the period 1776-1915. Website available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish URL:
  • Italian Woolf Project
    Virginia Woolf and Italian Readers investigates the reception of Woolf in Italy. It studies how and by whom her work was translated, published, reviewed and studied in Italy, with a … Read more
  • IThAC ⠶ Le Pensoir
    L’invention du théâtre antique dans le corpus des paratextes savants du XVIe siècle. Analyse, traduction, exploration numérique L’ANR IThAC a pour objectif l’étude de la réception du théâtre antique dans … Read more
  • JEWTACT: Jewish Translation and Cultural Transfer in Early Modern Europe
    A database of all translations made from European to Jewish languages during the period 1450-1830 Link:
  • Letteratura tradotta in Italia (LTiT)
    Testi, contesti, protagonisti della mediazione letteraria LTit è un progetto dedicato alla letteratura tradotta in Italia. Si tratta di una banca dati che raccoglie le traduzioni pubblicate in volume nel corso del … Read more
  • Narragonian digital
    Die digitale Editions- und Forschungsumgebung Narragonien digital wurde von einer germanistisch-romanistischen Projektgruppe an der Univ. Würzburg von 2014 bis 2021 erarbeitet. Sie erschließt die frühe europäische Überlieferungsgeschichte von Sebastian Brants ‘Narrenschiff’ (Basel 1494). Insgesamt … Read more
  • ORDA16: Online-Repertorium Deutsche Antikenübersetzung 1501–1620
    An online catalogue of translations into German (in print and manuscript) of Greek and Latin works from classical and late antiquity during the long sixteenth century. Link: (website in … Read more
  • Radical Translations
    A database of radical translations to and from English, French and Italian, 1789-1815. Under resources you will find c. 900 radicalising translations, searchable by source text, translation, author, translator and … Read more
  • Renaissance Cultural Crossroads Catalogue
    A searchable, analytical and annotated list of all translations out of and into all languages printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland before 1641. The catalogue also includes all translations out … Read more
  • Svenskt översättarlexikon
    Världens författare kommer till oss via översättningar och genom enskilda översättares arbete. I Svenskt översättarlexikon blir översättarna – de som har skapat halva den svenska nationallitteraturen – synliga med biografi, porträtt och … Read more
  • The Corpus of Russian Translations of Social and Political Works of the Eighteenth Century
    A database of translations, authors and political terms relating to the translation of socio-political essays made in Russia in the eighteenth century. Link: (website available in Russian and English)
  • Translation and French Encyclopaedism in the Age of Enlightenment (1680-1800)
    A database of French encyclopedias and their translations in the period 1680-1800, including links to digitized copies. You can browse the database by paramount title (e.g. Alcedo Diccionario geográfico or … Read more
  • Translation in History – Estonia 1850-2010
    Translation in History – Estonia 1850-2010: Texts, Agents, Institutions and Practices This website is devoted to the history of translation in Estonia. It includes three digital resources: 1. Estonian Translation … Read more