We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Routledge Research book series on Translation and Interpreting history, edited by Christopher Rundle and Pekka Kujamäki.

The Routledge Research series on Translation and Interpreting History showcases cutting-edge research in English on the interdisciplinary dialogue between translation and interpreting studies and historical perspectives. Building off the emergence of translation and interpreting history as a subdiscipline of the field in its own right, the series features interdisciplinary work spanning a range of cultural and geographical contexts which engages in the treatment of translation and translation practice as social and historical events. Primary research in translation and interpreting history will be explored, as will critical reflections on theoretical and methodological developments and innovations in the field. The series brings together and pushes forward original research in translation and interpreting history, making the series of particular interest to graduate students, researchers, and scholars in translation and interpreting studies, as well as related fields including comparative literature, history, and cultural studies. 

For more information about the series please refer to the following webpage: