Magdalena Heydel (Jagiellonian University)

Daniele Monticelli (Tallinn University)

Contact email: wg-eastern-central-europe[at]historyandtranslation[dot]net (delivers to the convenors)


In recent years, many projects concerning the histories of literary translation have been started or completed in different European countries and languages. A fair number of such projects have been going on in Eastern and Central Europe. The region, whose geographical and political definition has been disputed and redefined, whose cultural and linguistic identity is far from homogenous, still shares much as far as historical and political experience is concerned. At the same time, each national, linguistic and cultural community within the area has been shaped by a set of different, specific conditions and processes. The practical aim of the work group is to bring together scholars researching the history of literary translation in Eastern and Central Europe and create a platform for discussion of achievements, discoveries, observations, challenges, problems and conclusions we could share. The overall aim is to understand the specificity of the literary translation field in the region and to produce innovative concepts and new research tools which could be useful to the study of translation history at large.

How to join

To join the WG, please write to the convenors at: wg-eastern-central-europe[at]historyandtranslation[dot]net

First Meeting

The first meeting of the WG will be a seminar in Kraków on the 16th and 17th of May 2024. The aim of this seminar is to share experiences and discuss problematic issues, with a special emphasis on methodological questions. We would also like to contextualize particular case studies within a wider panorama of translation histories and to explore the theoretical relevance of particular examples for translation research. The seminar is envisioned as a closed discussion based on presentations and previous reading, with ample time for conversation.

Proposals for the seminar are welcome from scholars and research groups working on or planning projects on the history of literary translation in Eastern and Central Europe. Please send a short abstract of your research work (up to 2 pages max), including links to webpages, publications and other relevant sources (up to 3 items) you want the participants to read before the seminar.

The deadline for proposal submissions is 15 December 2023 and they should be sent to Magda Heydel ( and Daniele Monticelli (