If you wish to convene a HTN Work Group please contact us using this form (login required): Work Group proposal form

Guidelines for convenors

Naming convention

Please select a short and simple name for your work group, one that can encompass a variety of initiatives. The idea is that the name should be attributed to the group, not to its different projects. Eg.

  • HTN WG Archives
  • HTN WG Large-scale projects

Note: it is not necessary to specifiy that the WG involves history or translation as this is a given in any HTN work group. Naturally, the WG can give more complex titles to its different initiatives.


Please provide the names, affiliation and contact details of the convenors of the WG.


Please provide a description of the aims and objectives of the WG.

Practical information

Please provide information on how to join the WG and any other useful information.

WG Webpage

We ask that the convenors of the WG maintain a webpage on the Network website (see below), which provides a brief summary of the theme and the activities of the WG, which lists its public initiatives, and which lists the people who are involved.


Membership of the WG can be open to anyone, including non-members of HTN; though, it makes sense for participants to join the Network.

Resources the HTN can provide

The HTN can provide the following support and resources for your WG.

Publish call for participants in Newsletter

We will publish the announcement and call for participants in the HTN Newsletter.

Self-curated webpage

We will provide access to a self-curated webpage on the HTN website. This will be positioned in a section dedicated to HTN Work Groups and should be maintained by the WG convenors. Please see paragraph above on maintaining a group webpage.

Dedicated email/mailing list

Email address

We can provide you with a dedicated email address that forwards automatically to the WG convenors:


This can be setup as the main contact address when you announce the group.

Mailing list

We can also provide you with a dedicated mailing list:


This will deliver to all members of the WG. Note: only mailing list subscribers can send to a mailing list address.

Dedicated document template

We can provide you with a customised Word template with the WG name included with the HTN logo.