Virginia Woolf and Italian Readers investigates the reception of Woolf in Italy. It studies how and by whom her work was translated, published, reviewed and studied in Italy, with a specific focus on the reading public.

Some of the questions the project seeks to answer are:

  • By what means the way she was introduced and described in articles and reviews has shaped her image for Italian readers?
  • What critical studies have been written on Woolf by Italian scholars and to what extent does national culture affect the study and teaching of Woolf?
  • Which cultural, editorial and social factors did contribute to make a cultural icon of her in Italy?


The project includes a Database all Italian translations of Woolf’s works and all publications on and about Woolf written in Italian, or by Italians, or published in Italy.

The database is searchable through a search engine. Every item is catalogued with keywords and various metadata.