Translation in History – Estonia 1850-2010: Texts, Agents, Institutions and Practices

This website is devoted to the history of translation in Estonia. It includes three digital resources:

1. Estonian Translation History Bibliography

The Translation History Bibliography contains all the academic articles and essays published on translating, translations and translators in Estonia across different historical periods. The works are listed following the periodisation adopted by the Estonian Research Agency’s Translation in History, Estonia 1850-2010: Texts, Agents, Institutions, Practices project. The Bibliography is divided into two sections, the first listing translation related works chronologically, the second listing MA theses on Estonian translation history and bibliographies of translated literature.The Translation History Bibliography is updated constantly. We ask all users to help us by sending information on missing or recently published works.  Links to full texts are included where possible. In the near future we plan to make all the works listed in the bibliography available as digitised texts.

2. Translator Database

The Translator Database contains brief biographical information about the Estonian translators who worked during the 1850-2010 period.

3. Translation Database

The Translation Database contains data on literary translations into Estonian published as books or in periodicals in the 1850–2010 period. The database also includes published reviews of these translations.